14 Cattley Street Burnie, Tasmania, 7320

Tasmania is the veritable master of upcoming, boutique distilleries – producing some of the best spirits that Australia now has the fortune to now sample.

Tasmania is sitting on the cusp of growth for all things artisan; produce, craft beers, cider, spirits and wine. So much growth, we now have more distilleries than Ireland! There seems that nothing can stop the explosion of interest in Tasmania from the mainland, and the world. We will happily call it envy!

We humbly serve you these Tasmanian experiences. We want to bring the produce to you. According to executive style magazine, we are the capital of great booze! At Spirit Bar, Tasmania we pay homage to our spirits, craft beers, ciders and wines.


Tasmania specialises in real cider. We are the apple isle after all. Unlike a lot of sugary ciders flogged off on the mainland. No syrups here, just real juicy apples and pears. One Tassie producer, Willie Smith’s, cleaned up 3 top trophies and a gold medal at the Australian Cider Awards. Follow the cider trail here.


Tasmanian cool climate wines are a connoisseurs delight. There are dozens of wineries to tantalise the taste buds, from the fertile North West, through the Tamar Valley, and down the East Coast past Freycinet heading south to Coal River, Derwent and Huon Valleys. Like breweries, we are a burgeoning boutique and micro brewing haven with over 160 producers. Follow the wine trail here.




In the 1850’s, nearly 70 breweries operated in Tassie. Our climate and pure water are ideal to cultivate grain. 80% of Australia’s hops are grown in Tasmania. Tassie is now home to microbreweries to contrast the old, new, large and small breweries – the most famous large multinational owned; Boags, and Cascade multinationals are not Tasmanian owned, the microbreweries are now stealing the show. Follow the beer trail here.



Tasmania is getting a name for itself as the whisky capital of Australia and is in the grip of a distilling craze. Its not only Whisky that we are gaining accolades for – some gin and vodka distilleries are also topping the nations charts. Many vodka distilleries springing up to utilise an used by product of cheese making or even potato farming. Follow the whisky trail here.


Unashamedly, it is all about the wine at Ghost Rock. Each day they strive to create wines that are as fascinating as the stories behind them. For full range and more information, follow this link.